With a litttle help

 With a litttle help
Once obviously was not enough with the rising crisis the Persian Gulf.
Brainwashing, Torturing and killing your people, civilization? i dont think
so.In the last 7 years as the world moved on, mourning the deaths of those
who stood strong.We study and analyze the actions we see and until this
 very day we discover no answer to catastrophe. You thrive for power in all
the wrong ways causing family and friends to pray by day. To impose war
that will kill a few, not that it matters to someone like you. Troops
depart, ready for war, not knowing the outcome need i say more. All i do is
sit and wait for a piece of my life to be taken away. the day shall come
for that prolonged goodbye, wanting nothing more but to hold you and cry.
All the pain that breaks my heart for someone so se;fish to tear us
apart.Now you leave a smaller part, what life has given us without time to
share, severs my heart and leaves me with fear. "Where is my daddy?" My
thoughts race through my mind,"Your daddy a soldier, called of to war
defending his country forever more". Not seeing or feeling your beautiful
face you fought for beilieving in a better place. You're in my heart in
another you live on, leaving nothing else but for me to be strong.Your
child not knowing "Why now?" and "How come?" lives just with the memories
of I am his son. To hate and construe with nothing to do makes his death
long overdue. This is your job, life and or death. I know that the day i
 shall see you again, if not in our home , but with God in Heaven.
 Dedicated to the United States Marines
 written by jennifer lipovsky shelton ct