June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


Timid Waves

 Timid Waves

Today I walked along the ocean's edge and breathed you in I felt your breath on
my skin as if you stood behind me whispering in my ear talking to me of love,
and laughter, dancing in the sunlight Your touch brushed me with each timid
wave that sparkled across my feet like something that in it's infancy was
fierce and longing but by the time it reached me had been subdued into a gentle
clumsy grasping collecting pieces of the softly turned and tumbled glass
offered by the sea lost in my meandering dance, with steps too complicated to
explain seeking beauty and finding it in myself, in my thoughts, and in your
presence echoes of your laughter lilted through the windy ocean breeze like
distant rumblings of a childish game of hide and seek I looked for you, and
found you nowhere, but knew you everywhere behind each tree as the wind played
it's symphony of sounds a chorus of my love for you in each violet breeze, in
each saphire wave lightly they touch the sand at my feet as if they are
searching searching for something but have not yet found it they rush in only
to quickly flee implying that this is not the beach for them not the grain of
sand, or piece of life they were meant to break upon do they come to me from
where you are, over the miles, and the days only to see me, meet me, touch me,
and then turn back towards you carrying with them my love, my longing, my
aching loneliness for with the parting of each wave I feel less alone, less
abandonned and I know with each passing second that time is ticking it's way
towards me and you are somewhere riding this ribbon of eternity, looking for me
as I sit here watching the endless ocean looking back at you over all the time
and all the miles seeing into the future and finding your smile awaits me in
the crashing waves washing my emptyness away and leaving me filled with half
forgotten memories and overflowing with love no longer burried in self pity and
solitude No more searching, no more wondering what my life is lived for I have
been a tumbled piece of broken glass in the vastness of my own life but you
have been my ocean, calming me, turning me, softening me bringing out the
beauty in what was once just a plain piece of sharp green glass

Traci Williams
wife of IT2 Williams Jason Hugh, USS Fletcher
Naval Station Pearl Harbor Hawaii

contributed by Traci Williams [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.