June 1, 2017
The MilitaryWives.com Staff will be on vacation from 19 June 2017 until 27 June 2017.  We will resume normal operations on 28 June 2017.

BJ 'n Cindy


So Far Across The Sea

So Far Across The Sea

So Far Across The Sea.
Yet So Close In My Mind.
I Could Touch You,
If It Weren't For The Ocean.
But I Can Dream Of You,
Because Of My Memories.
If My Arms Would Reach,
I Would Hold You Until The Dawn.
I Would Gently Touch Your Face,
So That You Would Know You Are Loved.
If Only Your Lips Were Close Enough To Kiss.
I Would Hold That Memory Forever.
If Only Your Ears Were Close Enough To Hear.
I Would Whisper, "I Love You."

copyright 1999 MICHELLE L. DILLMAN