-=I Swore I Wouldn't Cry

this poem was written the day my husband, then boyfriend, left for our first 6
month deployment, in sept of 2001.

-=I Swore I Wouldn't Cry

Daddy was in the navy too, so this wont be hard, I told myself. You kept
telling me it would be ok to cry, But I swore I wouldnt, Ive always been
strong, why would I cry,I havent even known you that long So I swore to myself
I wouldnt cry. Crying shows weakness, That you can not know I have, Couldnt let
you know the pain I felt, The fear in my heart, All I could think was you'll be
a regular "single" sailor, And end up with a girl at every port, Me just
another on your long list. So I swore I wouldnt cry. Then the towers fell, And
the Pentagon too. That day while I was out, You called told Dad to tell me

I love you and goodbye!!! Thats it, we were supposed to have one more week. And
I cried. Then I found out you would be home before you were to really leave. So
once again I swore I wouldnt cry. I changed my mind, told you I might cry, but
you wont see it, You leave tommorow, and due to 9/11 security no one can see
the ship off. So yesterday morning I dropped you off at the peir and we said
our goodbyes And I didnt let you see me cry, But the second that you turned
your back I burst into tears, and didnt see you running back, For one last kiss
and hug, So I let you see me cry.

Then I swore Id be strong while you were gone. But then you called this
morning, said youd emailed me last night, there was a change in plans and you
waited on the pier for me till you had to leave. And you watched everyone else
get more hugs and kisses, But I didnt know. And I swore I wouldnt cry, I asked
you "Baby can you still see the shore?" you said just barely and I cried some
more. Then the cell phone started to break up, and I had to listen to your
voice one last time, for who knows how long. Now Ive changed my promise, its ok
for me to cry. I love you and I miss you. And I swore to you, Id be on that
pier when you come home. Nothing in the world will stop me from being there.
Until that day, I love you and take care.

written for my sailor on the USS Vella-Gulf I love you baby
Jessi Leger

contributed by Jessi Leger [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.