What You Mean to Me

 What You Mean to Me

I wonder if you really know what you mean to me,
The first time that I spoke to you, you made my heart feel free.

Day after day I wondered if someday we'd meet,
Than the day came when you said you were coming to see me.

As I saw you through the window, your back was turned to me.
When you slowly turned around, than our eyes did meet.

Not knowing how you felt, an embracing hello we had.
Hoping that you wouldn't know chills were going down my back.

I felt like I had known you, for all of my life.
I knew that moment in my heart I wanted you for mine.

You were just a stranger someone I didn't know,
I knew that I loved you, but couldn't let it show.

That night was like a dream to me, since you were by my side.
But I knew in a couple days that you'd have to say good-bye.

I couldn't be apart from you, to see you I did go.
Excited to be with you, and all the love I had to show.

I held you in my arms again and swore I'd never leave,
Than my heart realized that this just could not be.

You had a new beginning, a Marine you would be.
I told you that I'd be there for you until he next time we meet.

Missing you so terribly, and waiting for each letter.
Knowing in my heart that time and love would make it better.

Tears would go down my face from the loneliness within,
Sitting here waiting to be in your arms again.

Not knowing or understanding all the changes there would be,
Time stood still for a moment, you were again a stranger to me.

Remembering my promise I made, that I'd be there till the end,
I began to see the love star to grow in your eyes again.

I held you close time after time and dreaming for the day,
That you would not leave me, forever you would stay.

Hoping that you love me just as much as I love you,
I wait for the day I don't have to part from you.

Than the day came to say good-bye again,
Now all I have are memories and your love I hold within.

I count the days till I hear your voice, and the day that we will meet.
But neither of us know which day that will be.

So I pray each night that you'll be safe,
and you know that I will wait.

For I love you more and more each day, this you should know,
I'll be dreaming of the day that you will take me when you go..

By, Georgina Pielli
Written for Jesse Bruce

contributed by Georgina Pielli [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]