June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

My husband was recently deployed overseas. I wrote him this poem for Valentine's Day. This was our first Valentine's Day apart. Hope you like it.

Valentine's Day, a day for lovers
what's left here for me, but an empty bed
nothing to hold but covers.
I miss you each day you are gone,
but some how I make it through.
Today is different, the pain keeps lingering on
each second I'm without you.
I  miss your smile, your kiss, your touch
and the sweet way you'd whisper I love you so much.
It's hard to hear others making plans,
a walk on the beach, dinner, or a quiet night alone,
oh what I'd give just to SEE my man.
But no gift could be more precious than
the love you have for me.
I know we'll be together again and how happy we will be.
So on this Valentine's Day, let's try
not to be sad,
but for the past days together and the many more to come,
be oh so glad.

Michele Burke