-=Through a Fiancé's Eyes

My Fiancé is in the Corps. Infantry...a Sniper...he's been gone for 5
months and a week...he comes home the first week of January...I can't wait!!!
This is one of the many poems I have written and decided to send it to the
site!! Thank you so much for this website...it really is awesome...I know you
guys have made separations SOOO much easier!!

-=Through a Fiancé's Eyes

"Before I met you, I had no idea how happy I could be
Before I met you, my life was incomplete.
You've given me life and meaning,
You've taught me what love is
One thing I never expected to learn, was how to say goodbye.
The day you had to leave, my world collapsed.
The hardest thing I've ever had to do was watch you walk away,
and know the next six months would be torture.
The months passed by, each day slower, without knowing what the future held,
I knew only God could bring us through.
Phone calls and letters came and went, and surprisingly brought us closer.
We brought each other closer and helped keep our spirits up and positive.
Some days were harder than others, and some felt impossible to get through.
Many nights I cried myself to sleep...sometimes it made me sick to my
Not knowing if you were ok, or where you were hurt so bad...feeling that
the day you'd come back to me was so far away.
Finally that day is near, but not close enough.
The day I see your face again my soul will be brightened and my heart
filled with joy.
I will be happy again...and continue to stand by your side, no matter WHAT
comes our way.
When I said I would marry you, I made a commitment not only to you, but to
the Corps. as well.
Loving you is the easiest thing I have ever done, what's not there to love?
But nothing will prepare you for a goodbye, and with the Corps. comes many
goodbyes. I'm committed to you now and forever and will always be faithful
and waiting for you when you return.
I cherish each and every moment Gods given us together, and I cannot wait
to be with you again, forever!
I love you...Semper Fi...always!!!"

Submitted by A faithful fiancé

contributed by Sacha Lincoln [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.