My Love

My Love

When I look into my heart
What do I see?
I see you, I see me,
Us making a family

The memories that we've made
And the ones that lie ahead
The obstacles, the joy and the pain
The first "I love you" that was said

The first time we made love
The late night talks in bed
When I walked down the aisle
And to you, my love was led

When did I fall in love?
Where do I begin-
It wasn't just one time
It's over and over again

Every time you hold me
And whisper "I love you"
And the look on your face
When you said "I do"

Someone's trying to tell us
To make us understand
That this - our life
Is part of Gods Plan

What does the future hold?
That we do not know
But love will take us by the hand
And tell us where to go

Why do I love thee?
Oh, where do I start
Kiss my lips and hold me close

contributed by Stefani Jones [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.