My Marine

My Marine 

I met a boy who had a dream, a dream of hero's and cam flash 
things. In his eyes I no longer see a boy, I see a man who fallowed his dream 

and my love surely didn't go unseen. To him I send the deepest love The kind that only could come from above.

a love so strong, unbreakable by distance and unchangeable by time this is a love guaranteed to shine. Through darkness &

sadness happiness all a like, for him I wait in this light. Many emotional paths I do cross but the Love grows stronger 

with out any cost, so with every phone call I may get, each sound of his breath, the words "I love you and I will be back 

soon" I hold close to my heart . For this Marine I will always adore for he is my first amore.   

to my 1st. Marine 7th Regiment
Twenty Nine Palms CA,
Love your Girl, C.F
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