My Messenger From My Love

HI, my name is Brittany Akers. My fiance', PFC Robert Rose,
has not yet been deployeed. I dread the day that  he is but
I know that that's what has to be done. He has to protect
our country along with the rest of our military troops. But
every single minute that goes by I think about all of those
military wives out there whose husbands are deployed, and I
can't even imagine the pain, lonliness, and worry that they
go through. I wrote this poem for them. To give them hope
when they feel like falling apart. I would like it very much
if you would please post this on your website. Thank you.
Brittany Akers

My Messenger From My Love
Brittany Akers

On my way to work today,
I saw an awesome sight.

More beautiful than anything.
More brilliant than sunlight.

It's wings were lined with silver.
And it's hair had a golden shine.

I knew what it was.
This angel, it was mine.

A winged messenger sent to me,
>From the love of my life.

To take away the lonliness,
To take away the strife.

She was but a child,
About the age of eight.

Sent to help me get through,
While I had to wait.

Her lips smiled at me,
So soft and rosy red.

Her mouth opened,
And this is what she said:

"When nights are cold and lonely,
You can always look to me.

For I am the winged messenger,
Sent to comfort thee.

When all seems to be lost,
Without a hope in sight,

For the winged messenger will be there,
To help you fight your fight.

Your soldier knows how lonely you are,
And how hard that it must be.

He knows he can't be with you,
And that's why he sent me.

To embrace you when you're lonely,
To hold you when you cry,

To empty out the well of tears,
That never seems to run dry."

A tear fell from my eye,
As I realized what was going on.

My soldier sent me an angel,
To look after me while he's gone.

I felt a brush against my cheek,
To wipe away a tear.

A feeling of joy and happiness,
Began to replace my fears.

I felt safe once again.
Secure within myself.

So, I put my fears aside,
And set them on the shelf.

I got into my car,
And I drove on to work,

With a sense of  joy,
Where no fear could lurk.

On my way to work today,
I saw an awesome sight.

A winged messenger sent from my love,
To say 'everything will be alright'.

Submitted by
Brittany Akers