My heart has returned...
I thank the Lord that you are still alive
It's been so long since Iv'e held you in my arms,
So long since your lips have met with mine.
You have journeyed so far, and yet you were so close
I thought of you every minure of my day..
and now my love, I will tell you-
everything that I have been longing to say.
When you were gone, I felt incomplete
a part of me, my heart, was in a deep trance
as I missed you, everything about you,
our memories, our love, our romance.
So this very day, now that youv'e come back
I will set the table with all of your favorite foods,
we will feast together as we did before
and I'll light some candles to fit our mood.
I will wait on you, as I did before
and talk to you of your lessons learned..
I will say grace and thank God
that my soldier has returned.

I would be honored if I received a notification or an opinion on my military
poem from someone involved with your website.
And, if you would like to post this on the site, that would be great, I'd just
like to know where I could locate it once it was.
Thank you!

Crystal M. Presler

contributed by Crystal M. Presler [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]