Our Love

Our Love is Strong

My Darling Sailor,
We've been through so much,
at times we seem out of touch,
But, as we truly love each other,
we will embrace our love together,
You see our love will battle even the
strongest weather,
Sleet, Snow, Hail, Tornadoes and Hurricanes,
and even the busiest express way lanes,
This can't hold back our love which will
truly remain,
The special Love we feel, is genuinely real,
As we stand the test of time through our
greatest ordeal,
Our Love is like a wet rainy day,
Where flowers bloom in the month of may,
I want our Love to stay forever this way,
Our Love is like a fresh breath of air,
light as a feather and claims no despair,
Our Love is like a stream of thunder showers,
It grows and grows like some ultimate power,
Our Love is like a whisper in the wind,
a pebble in the sea, I hear the sweet words of love calling you to me,
Our Love is like a beautiful rocky mountain top,
When you look at the beauty of this mountain we've made, you will never stop,
Climbing and climbing till we reach the top,
Loving you as I do with my mind, body, and soul,
I give myself to you whole,
I Love your deep sexy brown eyes,
For your eyes hypnotized mines, this was truly the sign,
You and only you were destined to be mine,
I became to hold you dear,
Wanting the closeness of you always here,
Next to me forever and ever,
Darling I say I will never,
Take for granted the Love we have,
I will put you first and never in the rear,
Because I hold a place for you in my heart so dear,
If I were a Jeanie, I would make you appear,
Right here, yes here,
With me,
Can you hear me calling you out there in the sea,
Come home soon Baby,
And be with me,
I thought I would take this time,
So you will know how truly you are on my mind,
I hope you feel comfort in my love and can unwind,
I Love you my Darling and only you,
I will be waiting for you,
remember you are special too,
your loving wife,
for life.

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