-=I give to you...


I hope you and your family enjoyed a very safe and Merry Christmas. My husband
is still deployed in Afghanistan and recently he purchased a gift for me from
your store to send me for Christmas. I had tears in my eyes when I opened it up
to find the Military Spouse medal inside. I can't begin to tell you how I felt
or how truly beautiful I think it is.. it means so much to me and I want to
thankyou for having it available for him to purchase and have sent to me.
Carrying it with me yesterday, and continually reading it reminded me during
some of the lowest and most difficult moments of the day that I was a military
spouse and I could get through this Christmas day, and the remainder of this
deployement. Thankyou!!

I would like to submit another type of poem for your site that I wrote for him
yesterday, Christmas Day. It was to be our first together as husband and wife,
but instead, he is in Afghanistan and I am back with family in Australia until
he comes back home.

Take care,


-=I give to you...

Christmas this year for us was suppossed to be so very different.
We were meant to be together at home now, living out all the plans we'd been

We both knew when you got the call to go, that all of our wonderful plans for
Christmas would change, and our plans, hopes, dreams and wishes for this year
were going to have to go.

For weeks now, Christmas has been rapidly approaching, and each day I continued
to convince myself it wasn't. I know you have been doing the same thing as I,
and pretending today wouldn't really dawn until we were together. Reality has a
way of doing that, no matter how hard you pray, you can't stop it or change it.

And now here we are, Christmas day has come, and we are still thousands of
miles apart.

I hear the carols being sung, see the families all together, the happy faces
and all the love being physically shared, and I feel the strong burning of
tears in my eyes because I know I would give anything in this world to be
showing you that very same type of love, with my arms wrapped tightly around
you, to feel yours holding me tight like only you can and did. As my tears
begin to flow once again, I can't help but wonder, especially today of all
days, how strong can one person be, how strong is a military spouse, and where
will I find all this extra strength to get me, and us, through today?!

Yet, I know I am still so very lucky, because I got to hear your voice this
morning, even if it was only for a few minutes, and I will hopefully get to see
you through this computer screen for a little while later tonight sometime.

But where you are concerned, I'm selfish, and I know for us both, it's not
going to be enough.

To compound everything else we will go through today, our gifts have not
reached each other yet so not even that is going to help either one of us
today. All but one... the military spouse medal you had sent to me for
Christmas. I am continually reading it, looking at it and holding it tight...
reminding myself when everything starts to feel too overwhelming and just how
much I'm missing you right now, that I can do this... for you and for us! I'll
clutch onto all the faith you have in me and I ask that you do the same.

I know you need me today. I hear your voice telling me not to cry, to smile for
you and think of what our Christmas will be like... next year, and I want to do
something special for you so much, to give you something right now to hopefully
make you smile and know just how important and special you are to me and how
much I am thinking of you!

So... I am going to give you something that I can... right here and now.
Something you already have, and have had for a long time... and always will.
Yet even with you over there in Afghanistan right now... I can still reach out
right this minute and give you these now and know you will have them today and
always - regardless of the mail delays!

I'm giving you gifts that only a person can give the one they love,

I give you my heart... and the key to lock it tightly within your own.
I give you my dreams... knowing that only you can make them all come true.
I give you my hopes... for every hope I have, has you right there in it.
I give you my devotion... I've never been more devoted to anyone in my life as
I am you.
I give you my admiration... you have so many qualities that deserve to be
I give you my time... you can rely that every second of my day you are there
on my mind, always.
I give you my adoration... you are the single most important person in my life.
I give you my prayers... to keep you safe, secure and protected, always.
I give you my strength... to help you during those times when your own seems
to have disappeared.
I give you my patience... so you know I will wait forever if need be.
I give you my pride... no one has ever made me prouder of who and what they

I give you a promise... I'll always love you.

I give you... myself... because I know there is no me without you!!

Merry Christmas, my darling Kenny.

~ Written by Jane Thomas, December 25, 2002. ~

contributed by Jane Thomas [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.