To the Military Wife

 To the Military Wife

If variety is the spice of life
It's great to be a military wife.

You must be a girl who likes to roam –
Never to call one place home.
First it's here and then it's there,
Never be settled anywhere.

You're now in a mansion, then in a shack,
Up in the social scale and back.
As soon as you're clothed in furs and wool
You're sent to the tropics –and learn to keep cool.

You get all excited by " a raise in the pay",
And the Colonel says it was so in his day.
You make new friends and everything's fine;
Orders come and your leave them behind.

You try to be thrifty and fix a fine stew,
Which is enough for the two of you.
Your husband announced "visiting brass to be fed"
And you have to produce a banquet instead.

It's a very strange life, but the funny part –
You get so you love it with all your heart.
The bad doesn't last; in fact, it's fun
To laugh about later when it's over and done.

You see all the places the travel books show
And you learn a lot each place you go.
You don't get the orders; you don't own his ranks
But you share his life and you earn his thanks.

There may be better stations perhaps –I agree
But there are many worse places where you could be.
You have many friends and – if you do your share –
You'll be as satisfied here as you would anywhere.

Sometimes you wonder if you really can take it
But you know, in you heart –life's just what you make it.

By Alice Dishman

Contributed by Joyce
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