A Sailor's Wife Story

 A Sailor's Wife Story

We were walking up the pier all holding hands. I noticed our little girl
looking around at all the people. She looked up at me and asked me " mommy
why does everyone look so sad?" I looked at her and wiped away the tears on
my cheek and said " well honey, because they are sad, alot of daddy's and
mommy's are leaving today." She stopped in her tracks and looked up at her
daddy and said " are you leaving today too?" He looked up at her and smiled
through his own tears and said " yep honey, daddy's leaving too." She
didn't say anything else, just started walking again. When it was finally
time for him to go, she looked up at her daddy and said "hurry home ok?"
and he picked her up and hugged her really tight and told her that he
promised to come home as soon as he could.

He walked over to me and told me he loved me and to take care of our little
girl, and through tears I told him I would. He started to walk towards the
ship and our little girl yelled " daddy wait"! He turned around and smiled
and she ran into his open arms. She whispered something to him that made
him cry. I always wondered what that was. It wasn't till he came home 6
months later that I found out. What she told him was "daddy, don't worry
about mommy and me. I'll take care of us. I promise" and then she kissed
him on the cheek. I always wondered why that had such a impact on us. I
believe it's because at the tender age she was, she knew then that I was
scared and uncertain what was to come. She wasn't though, she made us see
how life should be. Carefree and loving, without uncertainty.

Even though our loved ones aren't with us, with a child you always have
them close to your heart.

Written by Katreena Smith
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