A Poem about Daddy

Have you seen them smile , have you seen them cry
have you held them tight when it is time for good night
Do you tell that that you love them and kiss them on the cheek
Do you sneak in their room at night to take a peek
to see if they are ok and snuggled in tight
before you can put your head down for the night
with one eye open and one ear awaiting to hear
the cry of your child because they had a dream of fear
Do you take them to school and wish them a good day
to hold them close in your heart as you go on your way
To teach them to ride a bike
yet to watch them fall
Do you pick them up and give them a warm sound
the sound of your voice to comfort their pain
to put them back on their bike and tell them do it again
Do you make sure they are fed and have clean beds
Do you give them good thoughts to keep in their little heads
I know I do , I wish you could
hold their hands when they cross the street
or sneak in their rooms to take a peek
I know it is out of your hands to have your child feel your touch
for you are not home all the much
when you are , you will see them smile
you will see them cry
to turn around and say goodbye , you have to go again for a little while
we are so proud of you as proud as we can be
please remember at home waiting is the kids and me

Written by Deanna Badgley  [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]