Who Is Daddy?

 Who Is Daddy?

Who is that person mommy talks to on the phone?
She tells me to say HI to "Daddy"

There's that man she shows me in the pictures.
She says that's "Daddy"

She plays me a video of a man saying good night, and be good for mom.
Then we say good night to "Daddy"

She writes this man letters and I scribble on paper.
Then we send them to "Daddy"

When we say our prayers at night she tells me to ask the
Lord to watch over "my Daddy"

It is my birthday, I am 2. Mommy is taping the party.
She looks at me and says smile for "Daddy"

Some days we just sit at home and wait by the phone.
She says she's waiting for "Daddy"

She gets upset and I see her cry, I don't know why.
She says she misses "Daddy"

"Everything Is Changing"

Now mommy is happy and smiles all the time.
She says he's almost home "my Daddy"

We all get dressed in our very best.
She says we're off to meet "Daddy"

Here we are on a pier.
She's pointing at someone on a boat she says is "Daddy"

This man is coming and mommy is running.
She's telling me this is "your Daddy"

I remember this guy, I'm not sure why.
Something about him is familiar.

He picks me up and I look in his eyes.
Now I know why I remember this guy


written by M.Mullikin

dedicated to her husband John from their son Logan

contributed by Milene Mullikin [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]