While Daddy's Away

While Daddy's Away

I'm just a child,
I don't understand
Why my Daddy
Is in a far away land.

Mommy says he's in the Army,
Soldiering is his life.
He's fighting for our freedom
She's a proud Army Wife.

To say that we miss him
Would not be enough.
Sometimes while he's gone
Life seems really rough.

My Daddy is a hero,
He wears camouflage and boots.
When I am older,
I'll be proud to share my roots.

If I look up on the mantle
I'll see a picture of his face
I'm so young, it's hard trying to remember
Every little trace.

I write my Daddy letters,
I know he'll be home someday.
I want him to know I love him
And I can't wait to laugh and play.

I think that you'll agree,
My Daddy is a special man.
He's the reason that I can say:
"I'm proud to be an American."

By:  Tiffanie Walker
Proud Army Wife to:
SFC Lee Walker
13 July 2003