June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


When Dad's away

 When Dad's away

When Dad's away, Mom's the Commanding Officer.
When Dad's home, Mom's the Executive Officer, coordinating and
executing actions for the Command Team.
Keeping track of the kids, she's the S-1.
Collecting the neighborhood news for Dad, she's the S-2.
Making plans for the family and training the kids, she's the S-3.
Stocking food and supplies for the family, she's the S-4.
She answers all family correspondence and makes appointments for Dad; that
makes her the Adjutant.
Worrying about the family budget makes her the Comptroller.
Paying bills and accounting to Dad for paychecks makes her Finance and
Accounting Officer.
Looking for a place to live when we move, she's a Billeting Officer.
Assigning chores, getting us fed, bathed, &to bed, she's the 1SG.
Serving the food and doing dishes, she's on mess duty.
Carrying small children, she's an Ammunition Tech.
Driving the family to our appointments, she's a duty driver.
Cleaning house and making beds, she's an orderly.
Looking like a queen when she goes out with Dad, she's a Marine's lady.
Doing all things well, all the time, she's a true "WARRIOR!"
GOSH! Mom's a whole darned Marine Corps!
Author Unknown

Submitted By: Joyce Murphy
Key Volunteer Trainer/ Support Personnel
Marine Corps Family Team Building, MCAGCC
COM 830 - 4163
DSN 957 - 4163