Our daughter Samantha had an assignment last year in 6th grade.
The assigment was to write a poem.  Just shortly before that assign-
ment was given, we found out my husband, her daddy, was called to
active duty and would be sent to Iraq. This is the poem she turned
into her teacher.                

by Samantha McGuirt

The Call is a scary thing,
My Daddy got that Call,
and now he's gone.

"RIng RIng" I heard the phone say.
I answered "Yes, Yes, OK"
"Mom, Daddy needs to call Bobby Edwards"

He called Sgt. Edwards
"Yes, Yes Sir"
The phone was hung up and then the news came,

He was called to war.

My Mom and I cried a thousand tears.
I can't wait until he comes home.
But, until then, I live my life one day at a time,
never forget THE CALL.

submitted by
Samantha's mother