A Navy SEAL Dad

A Navy SEAL Dad

Last night when I was sleeping,
I felt you kiss my cheek,
I was too tired to open my eyes,
But heard you silently weep.

Tomorrow was my birthday,
And I wanted you there bad,
But duty called once again,
So you had to pack real fast.

You said "I'm sorry baby,
But daddy needs to go"
You kissed me one more time
And left for a place nobody knows.

I don't like it when you leave,
I really didn't understand,
Till I got the message that you had been hurt,
On that warn, crazy night in Japan

Now I always wake up,
When you say you gotta leave,
I make sure to let you know that I love you
And everything that you precieve.

I love you dad

Love Ashley (Age 17; written at age 9)

contributed by Ashley [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.