A lullabye for my sons while Daddy is away

When my husband left for War my sons was worried that something
would happen to him and me both so I wrote this one night to sing to
them. It calmed them and I hope that it will sooth others as well.

A lullabye for my sons while Daddy is away

Listen closely my sons to the winds
to the winds
In the breezes you will hear me
whispering my love
When you think you are alone
And think it will never change
Just listen and you will hear
me calling your name
Calling out my love for you
Calling to you
You will hear me telling
you that I will never be far away
That my love will never change
No matter what comes and goes
My love will never leave you
I will always love you and protect you
Always and forever more.
Mommy and Daddy will always be at your side
forever and always
I will never leave
I will never concede to losing
My love for you
My little loves...
So listen closly to the winds
And through the dark forests
and through the bright glens
You will hear my love forever
Calling and know that mommy and daddy is here
watching and loving you forever and always.

I hope that this is something that you will print. our sons enjoyed
it and they relaxed about all the things that were going on. My
husband is back now and they still like for both of us to sing it to them.

Mrs. David Hostuttler