June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


Dear God,

Delaware, January 26, 1999

Dear God,
Today, I write you with my heart in my hand and with all the love I feel
for the man you put in my life. Lord today it's my brithday, yes, the day
you give me to celebrate with the persons I most love; but this time Lord,
I won't be as happy as I wish I could be and you know the reason: My Marine
is not here.

Last year we had Christmas and I was waiting for him all year to hug him
and say once more I love you, but his duty and the love for the country he
serve, kept him away to spend with me the holidays.

God how much I do miss him, and only you know how big is the love I keep in
my heart for him; In a few months hopefully he will be here and for then a
smile will come from the deepest part of my heart and show in a smile for
him. He's a Marine and to be on duty is his job, to serve is his destiny,
and to dream with a sweet homecoming is his hope. He is the man that get a
letter each week (sometimes with the stamp facing down), and that sometimes
cry when he knows he cannot come to hold a promise of being together again,
you know that because you see everything I know you can be busy, you have
all the world's problems in your shoulders and I understand, but today God,
I don't ask you for fortune or gold; today I ask you to keep him safe and
all those men that like him serve proudly the country they love.

Lord I'm a Marine's fiance, somebody that someday will share with pride the
job of being a Marine as a military wife, somebody that will have her home
in different places because he gets re stationed, the one that will raise
her children in a home where the respect and the love for you will be in
the first place, but for then Lord, many things can happen and I trust
plenty that when I wear the ring that says I'm his wife, you will be there
to say into my heart: welcome to the military to a new Marine's wife.

Thanks for your attention,
a future military wife that you know.

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