A miilitary wives prayer

This was posted in a news letter that I got a few years ago.

At night when I crawl into bed;
My lonely pillow 'neath my head;
I close my eyes and say a prayer;
"God keep him safe way over there;
And make me strong so I wont cry;
It's kind of hard to be alone ;
To teach the kids when there half grown;
With out the strength of a fathers hand;
To guide them in this troubled land;
And God will you please let him know;
How much we love and miss him so."
And then I feel across the bed;
to where he use to lay his head.
And whisper to the evening air;
"Good night my darling way over there."

Author unknown

contributed by LeEtta Miller [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.