Military Mother's Prayer

By Pam Gibson Dear God,
tonight I ask as a mother to bless my child as I do every night, but now I am
reminding you this is a special child. This child helps to provide a blanket of
protection that we as Americans slumber under each night. He has decided to
give his life to protect this great country of ours, and before now there was
always prayer for you to watch over this child but after the terror that has
struck our U.S. soil, I feel even stronger, more pleading as I pray to you.
This child loves God and country and has sworn to protect her inhabitants. But,
this is still my child who I have sworn to protect with MY life until the day I
die. Now I need your help more than ever. He is no longer in my reach, but can
only be reached by your hand to protect him. He may be on the oceans, above the
earth or in lands foreign and hostile to him, please God, keep him safe and
bring him home to me…alive and soon. Let this horrendous terror go away. Let us
find peace and keep these special children alive and safe to teach future
generations how important life is and how important it is to protect it. They
are a rare breed, and we are the mothers who have helped to raise them. Now we
are the mothers who ask for your help to protect them. Please bless all the
mother’s children of the world, but please remember I am a military mother and
am asking you to take special care of this special child.
I ask this in your name God, Amen.

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