Lord, While my soldier is away

This Poem is Dedicated to my Soldier serving in Afghanistan
with the 3-4 Cavalry Aviation Brigade

Lord, While my soldier is away,
give him strength to face each day.

Answer my prayers to keep him safe,
while he's in this foreign place.

My soldier is there to fight for whats right,
I long for the moment i can hold him tight.

For everday that passes by,
they say it'll get easier but each night without you, still I cry.

I look up at the moon and blow you a kiss,
i close my eyes and remenisce.

I think about the last time you held me close,
looking into your eyes is what i miss most.

So keep me in your heart in all that you do,
and I'll promise you this, I'll forever be true.

We love you Sgt. Robert Henry Garcia...God speed.

contributed by
the family of Robert Garcia