Navy Wife Prayer

Navy Wife Prayer

I would like you to post this prayer for me.

Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you taking me through the first week of not hearing
my loves voice, i pray that you will take me through the next 8 as easily as
you have taken me through the first. I pray that you will be with Chima as he
is asleep right now, at the camp, and grant him sweet dreams, and send your
guirdain angels to guide and protect him as he sleeps tonight, i pray that you
will continue to show your love to him, and help him to be that good person
that he is inside, and i pray that you will strenthen our relationship as we go
through these times of being apart, so that when we shall reunite we will enjoy
our presence. Please continue to be in my life, continue to be in OUR lives,
all the Navy loves, and help us through this time of seperation from our loves,
and guide us through it all in your mighty name i pray.AMEN.

I love you Chima.

contributed by Tina Lambdor [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.