-=A Navy Wife's Prayer

I have just discovered your wonderful Navy Wives web site. I am enjoying
it immensely and look forward to discovering all the little surprises
contained on it.

I am a Navy wife of almost 22 years. We are presently stationed at Scott

I am sending a poem I wrote awhile ago. If you deem it worthy, I would be
honored to see it on your site.

Thank you so much.

Sue Combs

-=A Navy Wife's Prayer

How often we've stood on dark flight lines and piers...
"I love you", "I'll miss you" whispered through tears.
During long separations, in peace time, at war...
my nights filled with dreams of this man I adore.
With only my memories to hold close at night...
I live for the day God returns my sunlight.
Yes, life goes on when your loved one's at sea...
but the ache never leaves, the fear stays with me.
Dear Lord, I need Your guidance, Your love...
help me be brave, keep Your watch from above.
Hold my dear one so safe in Your heart and Your hand...
bring him home to his family...this hero...my man.
In us Lord, I pray he'll be filled with such pride...
of how we carried on without him by our side.
Please, help time fly quickly and soon I will hold...
the hand of the man whose eyes chase the cold.
Whose voice brings delight, whose touch eases pain.
How will I ever say "Farewell" again?
With Your help dear God, I'll try to stay strong...
and pray that his time here at home will be long.
Still, "I know that the Navy will need him", I sigh...
but we'll face it together, Dear Lord, you and I.

-Sue Combs
(c) February, 1999

contributed by:Sue Combs