A Seabeewife's Prayer

 A Seabeewife's Prayer

Tears come down as she watches him walk away

Right before her eyes her Seabee disappears

How will she live day by day

Oh she has so many fears

A part of her is gone

She looks up at God and prays

Please dear Lord watch over my Seabee

Keep him safe on rough waters

Bring him safely back to me

Comfort our two little boys when they cry

"Mommy,where's Daddy? I didn't kiss him goodbye."

Help me to know what to say to them and give me the

courage to comfort them

And Lord,comfort my Seabee when he longs for home

Let that one lone star he sees be a beacon to guide him

Oh Lord how I love my Seabee

Help us through one more deployment

Until he is home once again

By Amber Rene' Crowell

This is to my loving Seabee Thomas Lee Crowell

contributed by Rene Crowell [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]