Protect My Airborne Ranger

Lord, Protect My Airborne Ranger

Dear Lord,
Please guide him with your strength,
Please keep him true and fair.
Please shield him with your spirit
when there's no shelter near.
Make his shot clean and accurate,
make his body swift and strong,
Reassure him so he knows his heart is never wrong.
Let his instinct come from wisdom,
Let his comrades be his pride,
Remind him what he now protects
for this many others have died.
Help him always to stand for what is right,
and always to do his best,
please lay your hand upon him,
keep him safe even when at rest.
Let him always be slow to anger,
and always quick to smile,
Lord, protect my Airborne Ranger;
give him angels' wings for a while.
And even when he's home
and safe right by my side,
"Lord, protect my Airborne Ranger!"
is still something every night I cry.

I wrote this for my boyfriend while he was in training.
I say it every night.

contributed by Charity Leach [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]