Prayer 1

 A Wife's Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Now the evening shadows gather, the lonely night is here.
This day which has been so empty is almost gone.
Oh Dear God, be with my husband who is so far from home.
Help him when the thoughts of his loved ones bring the awful heartache on.
Lord, let him know that with Your ever-lasting love, You are right beside
With Your loving mercy from above.
Help him with his heartache, with the closeness of a friend, a smile of
It will lift the burden from his heart.
Let him also be a blessing to one who needs him.
Let him feel the prayers of his loved ones whose thoughts are always with
And, Dear God, when the tide has turned against him,
His whole world seems upside down,
Let him see things more clearly.
Show him how to love Thee more dearly.
Let his faith in Thee stay unbroken.
Inspire him with new courage every day so that he will soon be with us.
Make him strong to run the race.

-- Author unknown