Pray for us

Pray for us

To all military members past, present and future

When you lie down at night, do me a favor and say a little prayer for
You don't know my name and I don't know yours, but I ask of you to do

me this one thing for me.
Ask the Lord to take care of me and all the souls here with me, to

and comfort us, so that we may come home.
See we are over seas or right here at home, we have family and friends,

normal lives too. We work long hours and over some holidays too. We have

our business attire of BDUs, boots, and the willingness to die.
We are just of afraid of leaving this world as you are, but we chose to
give our

life for you. We go to dangerous places to stop those whose who endanger

precious land that we call home.
There is not always a warm welcome when we return, but that is the price
we pay

for protecting those who choose to voice their opinions about what we
We are proud to be the protectors of this land, to do what we can to
serve God

and let others be free.
So please do me this one small favor and say a pray for all of the
United States

soldiers who serve this country that is one nation, under God,
indivisible with liberty

and justice for all.

Alina Sydow, SrA, USAF