Absentee Casualty

This poem is dedicated to all those whose lives have been touched by
service members, who in the line of duty, have made the supreme sacrifice
during peace time or at war: the families of our departed heroes, their
shipmates, the participant survivors, their families and all others touched
by a tragedy. May those who mourn the loss know that they are not alone in
their grieving; those who still grieve find an understanding of their
sorrow as well and the desire to heal; and those who’s loved ones cannot
find their way past the sorrow and pain, consolation. You are not alone! If
you or someone you love can relate to this poem because of first hand
experience, if you have not already done so, please, see or get them to
speak to a chaplain or counselor before anyone else becomes an:

-=Absentee Casualty

It has a name, PTSD, this Post Traumatic Stress
and tortures ‘til their dying day the living who were blessed.

The rationale, the memories—too distant to be real…
Survivor’s lives confused and scarred. Their happiness it steals.

What thief is it that dares to keep the living from the dead?
The gift of life, God’s mercy-love-held high above their head.

and curse their God and live a void while wishing they had died.

And years and decades later, the circumstance prevails
to claim more living victims within its blowing sails.