Come Home

Come Home   

I can't believe this is real
I thought it'd be easy and that I could deal
How wrong was I to let you go
I didn't think I didn't know
The pain is real...I'm dying each day
I want you home...Come home to stay
I was wrong to let you go
I didn't think...I didn't know

Our kids are growing so big and so fast
They won't always be babies
Their youth won't last
One birthday missed already
And as she blew out her 3 candles she wondered why
Where is my daddy?
Why did he have to say good-bye?

He crawled today and you weren't there to see
How big and handsome your 9 month old son is growing to be
He has your blue eyes, your smile and your face
In all four of us there is any empty space

My husband is gone and I am here
To deal with the diapers and the nightly fears
I handle the money, the food and the hugs
How I wish you could come home to see
Just how much I need you here with me

Written By: 
Tamika A. Easterday  (Navy Wife)
Written:  May 2003