Are you really?

Are you really?

Your gone, you left me today, jumped on a ship and waved goodbye.
But for some reason, I feel you everywhere.
As if you are in my presents, where the shadows lie.
So, let me speak, if I may dare.

Is that you in the computer, you know the one that says "goodbye" as my
internet connection dies?
In my head, I believe it is you, you love to hear my sigh, as my patience
Could it be you, when my favorite cd seems to skip more than normal?
Since you hate me listening to that music, it wouldn't be in the player if you
where here like usual.

How about that erie sound that comes from my dishwasher when I wash late at
Boy, you could never go to sleep when you heard it on.
Or, that weird smell coming from just out of my sight?
Is it you, making that weird sound in the other room when I'm on the phone?

Or at night, when I lay my head down on my pillow and cuddle to yours as tight
as I can...
Is it your breath that I feel on my face?
Please tell me it is, I don't want to believe it is just the fan.
Tell me it's you, unable to be away from me, whatever the case.