June 1, 2017
The MilitaryWives.com Staff will be on vacation from 19 June 2017 until 27 June 2017.  We will resume normal operations on 28 June 2017.

BJ 'n Cindy


At night I lay

At night I lay

At night I lay in my bed thinking of you,
What it felt like with you there holding me knowing what to do.
Dreams that your there keep me warm at night,
And waking up to realize you aren't really there, you went away to fight.
To fight for the freedom we all have come to love,
And to give us all the life some are so weary of.
I know some day we will be together at last,
And yes we could be apart again so fast.
But I keep in my heart the love that we share,
And I know that the love you give me no other love could compair.
I will wait for you to be home for good,
Then we can be together and things will be like they should.
I wont give up my heart will stay strong,
Till were together in each others arms where we both belong.

Tiffany Andrle