Right now I feel so alone without you near,
  As I climb into bed, wishing your voice I could hear.

  Laying here as time goes by,
  Thinking of you and trying not to cry.

  Fantasizing over our life as one,
  For when I met you, my searching for a soulmate was done.

  What I would give to lay with you tonight,
  If I could, I would make it happen with all of my might.

  The things I hope you will say to me are in my mind so clear,
  Knowing with my heart I have nothing to fear.

  You tell me that I'm completely safe with you,
  For some reason in my heart, that's something I already knew.

  In my dreams I would hear you saying my name,
  Over and over it's always the same.

  The softness of your whisper blowing in my ear,
  Your words repeating themselves, I love you, right next to you, I'll always be here.

  When morning comes, I awake to your call,
  When the conversations almost over you say don't worry, I'll be home soon and I love you, my Babydoll.

To my loving fiance'e when he was over in Iraq.

Brandy Willoughby