A Million Miles Away From Thee

Please accept my heart felt poem about the separation between my marine and
myself.  I know many women feel the same. It leaves an  ache in all our hearts
that cannot be described when our warriors cannot be with us. Our love will
always be strong no matter how many miles we are apart and no matter how long.
 sincerely A Million Miles Away From Thee

A million miles
Between two oceans
My soul rests apart from thee
A thousand rivers
A trillion hills
Fields of wheat far as the eye can see
My heart aches inside of me!
A tiny flower
resting along the path
A touch of silk
Wild roses in my hand
My mind remembers a gift bouquet
A million miles
Between our hearts
An eternity our kiss delay!
Oh that my soul could reach thee
beyond a million miles
Oh that we could dance away the distance
And make a bridge to touch our smiles

Vicki Rosanne Swift
Copyright ©2001 Vicki Swift