A Million Miles Away

I dedicate this to my husband Staff Sgt Lopez, Fernando

A Million Miles Away

At night while our daughter is sleeping I stay up and  care for our new born
son. Who would have ever thought that during this time you are waking and
seeing the sun. So many
miles away from us you are and yet still I remember the feeling of waking
close in your arms.

I stay here behind in a war of my own . A battle, a struggle to handle all on
my own. You are not alone when you close your eyes to sleep for I am awake
and working to keep the beautiful children you've given to me safe and warm .

At times I am foolish and I choose to forget that you were a Soldier when we
first met. It seems much easier to forget that you are in harms way protecting
our country night and day. You fight your battles and I fight mine. We're
both the same we fight for time. What we love and hold so dear the children, our
love a warm atmosphere.
I am a fool to ever loose faith and track of time. Every moment that you are
away It becomes clear to me .  I thank god every chance I get to hear you say
I'm safe and alive .We should be thankful for everyday. Life is special and
it's  sad when taken away. I've taken  forgranted my life in every way. I
realize I miss you more and more each day.  I wish I could tell you  that we love
you and all of your ways my feelings for you get stronger day by day.

So please forgive me for being so blind. When you are protecting all that is
mine. Our children will grow up and say my dad saved our lives one day. I will
always stay by your side even a million miles away.

We love You!

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