A Million Miles

Hi, my husband is deployed and has been since Sept 8 2003,
I havent heard from him in almost a month when this morning
I got an email and it had the most wonderful poem in it. I was
2 months pregnant when he left and all he has seen is a sono-
gram picture i sent him. he wrote me a poem and it left me
crying for hours. i visit the website often to see what people
have writen and just to re read what i have writen to him.

If you could please post this poem my husband wrote to me
on your website it would be much appriciated. He might be a
little embarrassed but i know it will hit home with a lot of wives.
We all seem to get pregnant before they leave! thank you very
much for even considering it.

Evelyne De Vriese

A Million Miles

a million miles away from her,
at night i cannot sleep.
nothing here but guns and dirt,
so lonely that i weep.

they expect me here to lead my troops,
across this burning sand.
but my reason, strength, and driving force,
is in another land.

i have all the treasure in the world,
feeling like i've not a dime.
i pray my family falls not apart,
will i make it back in time?

got a picture in the mail today,
of my soon to be baby boy.
happy tears fill my eyes,
but still i'm missing all the joy.

my baby's momma is trying hard,
to make it through this test.
i'm supposed to hold her hand through this,
i can only wish her the best.

she's probally just as hurt by this,
and all that we'll go through.
evelyne, please hear me now,
remember, i love you.

Sgt Matt de Vriese

Evelyne De Vriese