A Living Blessing

I wrote this poem about a week ago for my Marine who is at MCT right now. We've
been having some problems lately, and I just wanted him to know how special he
is to me. He has truely changed my life, and is a true real life blessing!!

Have I ever told you how special you are to me?
I'm writing this poem so maybe you can see.

I know I don't always show you how I feel,
But my love for you is more than real.

God sent you to me, to show me the way.
And for that blessing I thank Him everyday.

You've made such a difference in my life and in me.
It's scary to think what my life without you would be.

In good times and bad times, if we just try
To trust in the Lord, we'll always get by.

Because your so special and your so dear,
While we're apart you'll really be near.

I know things will get better if we just pray,
But please remember I'm loving and missing you today!

contributed by Jerry West [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]