Yearning For Your Touch

Yearning For Your Touch

hello thnk youguys so much for the amazing website youve created. i wrote thsi
poem for my husband who deploys in oct., it will be our first deployment and i
am terrified and my heart breaks already, i would be honored if you would post
it on your sight. thank you so much.

erica humphreys

yearning for your touch

you are my all, my everything and more. youll never know howmuch i dore and
treasure the days that you walk through that door, saying hunny im home how was
your day as you grab me and kiss me and you and zach go play. i stand at the
window aching for your touch, your still here but i already miss you so much.
soon the day comes that we say goodbye. you pack your seabag and i start to
cry. i hide it from you and try to be strong , but i know tomorrow that you
will be gone to serve our country and make me proud of my sexy sailor and
zachary's dad. so i grab you and hold you and smother my tears. i know i'll
only have to o this for three more years. so its our last night before you
deploy and how i wish that you could stay here with me and our little boy.
we'll spend that last night in each others arms dreading the sound of that
awful alarm, but when it goes off we know the time has come to pack up the car
and drive to the pier to say goodbye to the one we hold so dear. the one zach
calls daddy and my husband and friend who holds my heart in the palm of his
hand. so we stand on that pier and we say goodbye and as hard as i try i cant
help but cry. we say be good, be strong and i love you. you kiss us goodbye,
turn and walk away. zach screams for his daddy and my tears wont stop. i try to
be strong for the time has come for you to go, so pick up our son and tell him
that you have to go, that youll be back soon and you love him so much. yet
already he wants his daddy's gentle touch. we turn around and walk to the car
and as i drive home i look at our son, if only you could see the hurt in his
eyes when daddy is gone. we get to the house and walk through the door and at
that moment my heart hits the floor. i put zach to bed because it is time for
his nap. i walk through the house looking for you and now i realize that yes it
is true, my baby is gone again off in that ocean so blue. do you know that i
miss you and i love you so much?! please dont forget that your wife and your
son are at home yearning for your touch.

erica humphreys, i love you nathan

contributed by Erica Humphreys [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.