While you are away

 While you are away

Hi, This is a poem I wrote for my boyfriend before he went TDY to Saudi Arabia.
He just left today and I am so full of different emotions. I miss him so much
and I hope that he comes back in good health, and soon!! Thank you for a
wonderful website where I can come when I am down, or need information about
the Air Force.

To: SRA Brawer
With love, Jamie

My heart longs for you.
Longs for your gentle touch,
your sweet kiss,
your loving embrace.

My heart aches for you.
Aches to be told you love me,
to feel your soft face,
to see your vibrant smile.

My heart misses you.
Misses the great times we had together,
the long breathtaking conversations with eachother,
the closeness that we shared with eachother.

My hearts wants you to come home.
Wants you to come home to my gentle touch,
my sweet kiss,
my loving embrace.

contributed by Jamie Jones [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]