June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


While You Are Away

To My Husband Raphael 

While You Are Away

Away in the night 
So dark and alone 
I cry for you
To make you my own
And you're so far away
No hint or a sound
Of the love that I carry 
That is dragging me down
I cry for you 
You cry for me
Lost in this madness
Across the sea
Two tears of lovers 
Two worlds apart 
But together we share one heart
I would fly. I would race across the sky
To bring back the this love and to make our tears dry
This time of fear
And without you here
Not once is this how I imagined it to be
A world with war taking you from me
Our words have grown stronger and more dear
Still I cannot stand this life without you here
So I go on with our children and our life
And it never gets easier when your a Navy wife
With news and TV a mind cannot rest
With endless prayers I know you are blessed
Your courage and strength from the love inside
All the worries that you seem to hide
You take it all on and do what you do 
Staying so strong for the people who need you
What a wonderful example of a husband and a man
What a dedicated American
You stand for us all and what we should be
You do it for this country we are one family
Through the sadness and pain both in body and mind
You know this sailors heart is kind
A navy spouse is what you have made of me
And never more proud could I be
Wisdom and loyalty you have proven time and time again
You will serve proudly until the very end
With four children and a wife at home
You know in your heart you are not alone
So with the emails, letters, and dreams
We are connected at all the seams
You are my hero my protector my strength
I will stand by you no matter the length
God bless you my love, my sailor, my dear
Til you return I will be waiting right here.

by Lea Ann Rucker