Tonight I'll Cry

Tonight I'll Cry

Tonight as I climb into bed - My thoughts, as always, will be of you,
And as I reach for your pillow - I know the tears will flow anew!

For tonight as I lay here - I know I shall openly weep,
Hugging that pillow oh so tight - And fiercely fighting the sleep!

In the darkness of my tonight - I know there with you it is today,
A day I dreamed would never come - The day you're being sent away!

So you see tonight I can't sleep - I need just to stay awake,
You're leaving for that foreign land - And I have to fight this ache!

Within hours, I don't know when - You'll be there in that land,
And as much as I know why - I'm finding it hard to comprehend!

From deep within me I'll hear a scream - My voice begging loudly, "NO!!"
I need your arms around me now - To whisper to you, "Please, don't go!!"

So tonight it all begins for real - Our hell is about to start,
We'll live simply through our love - For these months that we're apart!

I've given you my promises - And I'll keep every single one,
I'll be strong and keep waiting - For this deployment to be over and done!

Please just know that all my love - Every single little prayer,
My thoughts, dreams and wishes - Are always with you there!

And so tonight as I lay here - With all my fears as my guide,
Know that my angel has been sent - To always be by your side!

(Written by Jane Thomas - August 09, 2002)

contributed by Jane Thomas [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]