Theres Always Tomorrow

Theres Always Tomorrow

It finally arrived. The day for you to leave.
We held eachother close, afraid to even breathe.
You made me promise "No tears. No pain. Don't worry about us. It's only one
year, when I return everything will be the same."

As the time passes on , 3 months later
I confess Joe, I shed those tears.
I gave it a shot, I did my best.
Neither of us are fine.
We both ache all the time.
When I think of you(often) my stomache gets all notted
as if it were tangled in twine

I grow nervous everyday,
I have so much to tell you,
but no time to say.
I pace through the house hoping a letter may show
It's 6 pm and still... no phone call

My heart is beating fast . My blood is starting to race.
Now the tears are flowing down my face.
I look at the clock and I watch it for ever...
time is standing still....
but the wait is growing longer and longer,,,,

It's now 12 am , no mail did you send...
The day is closing to an end.
So I sigh, and then I pout. No reason to shout.
I go to bed and rest my head on my pillow.
and hold my blankets close.
I remind myself of what you tell me to make sure that i dont worry,
"I sometimes get busy...but i will always try to call....
if you dont hear from me today , just remember that I love you and theres
always tomorrow"

This is for you Joe.
Our time apart will come to an end.... Im proud of you and I miss you.
I hold you close to my heart.
Love Your wife,
Tina Dryden (written on August 8th ,2001)