Shannon's Wish

Shannon's Wish

As I gaze into the distance my heart longs for your touch
I feel your arms around me, how I miss the feeling so much

what I would give to have you next to me keeping me so warm
But I know you are thinking of me as duty calls each morn

You look so tall and proud in the uniform which you have earned
And I share that honor and pride with you for your courage i have learned

You are my one and only
No matter what you shall be called to do

And when you must leave
I will wipe away the tears, give you a gentle kiss and say "I will miss
you, but when you return I will still be here"

I will share your pride in the road which you have chose
As this will only be one of many stepping-stones

God will help us through tough times
And in his way bless us at the end with joy

The Marine Corps is our challenge
One we both shall conquer and learn from

My love is strong within you
That will keep me near

Never forget the love I have for you
I will always be here!!

Poem contributed by Shannon
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