Six Seconds Means Everything

Today I woke up without you beside me again, and I started my day all alone.
I did it because I have to, I did it because you asked me to while you're gone.
There was nothing about it that I liked, nothing that made it seem easier.
Until I turned my computer on.

See, on my computer I have an answering machine that records voices while I surf the net.
It might seem silly to mention it just now, but you called it the day before you left.
You were all ready to board the ship, and already so far from home.
There are six seconds of your gorgeous voice recorded on that stupid machine, and I turn the computer on and listen to it every time I feel like I can't breathe.

I hear your voice and it calms me, it tells me not to fear a thing.
All you said was for me to call you right back, but for some reason when I listen to it, I hear different.
I hear you tell me that you love me; that you will come home safe and sound to me.
I hear you tell me that I am never alone, and that I never will be.
I hear you tell me that you miss me, and that you wish you could see the baby growing.

When I play that message over again, I can hear you tell me that you know I am strong enough.
I get chills like you just whispered something that makes me blush in my ear.
I hear you making plans for the next year's holidays with me, and laughing about the parties we'll throw for our birthdays.
I suddenly remember the strange things you say when you talk in your sleep, or the way you cuss like any sailor would when you talk with your friends.

As those six seconds get replayed, I remember everything I love about you.
Even if your voice says nothing important, I hear everything that I know your heart says.
That tiny message on my computer saves my day.
In those six seconds. I can hear my world come back to me.
For my sailor- Julius D. Verhoy. Tiffany 5:16 am Jan. 23rd, 2003

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