Slow Days

My husband has just left for Iraq and I am trying to cope. It's hard to
put most of my feelings into words. But I was finally able to get
something down...

Slow Days

He has only just left
Two days ago
But already I am feeling pain
That no one should ever know

There are no words
That could express my pain
Only the hope and prayers
That I will see him again

We are both so young
With a bright new baby boy
Without him here now
My life would have no joy

We have to look at the future
And put on a smiling face
And let know that there isn’t a soul
That could take him place

I love him so much
Right now I have to lean on friends
And remember the day he comes home
Is right around the bend

We will right him letters
And send pictures and tapes
Making sure he seem
Smiles on our face

I don’t smile to hide the pain
Only to help me get through
The hardship that is only know
By a very few

I will miss more and more each day
And hope that the pain fades away
But for now I will sit here
And look up and pray

submitted by
Jamie Neuenschwander