Please submit my poem i wrote in dedication to my husband who is out to sea.
He is a DC2 on the Rodney M. Davis FFG60.

How many do i have to cry...
How many nights must i weep...
I cry into the pillow where you once laid your head to sleep...
I cry into memories of the wonderful times we have shared...
I cry when or son ask me why mommy did daddy have to go away..
In just one sweet gentle kiss you can dry my million tears..
those tears, how many do i have to cry..
the answer is simple..
I will cry enough tears to fill the sea, as many tears it will take to bring
my sailor home to me...

I love billy, my tears are shed for you while you are thousands of miles away.
I will love you always and forever. Love your wife, lover and your bestfriend
Sarah Adams.

contributed by Sarah Adams [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.